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THE BEGINNING...                                                           

P.A.T THE DOG was founded for the sole purpose of raising funds for animals in need - as all of us pet-lovers know, there are thousands of special dogs and cats that need our support.

Working at ROYAL CANIN SA, we’re often exposed to the plight of animals. Many (Many!) shelters and charities are struggling to make ends meet, and the number of homeless pets have reached outrageous proportions. We’re often left feeling overwhelmed though; how can we make a big enough difference when so many are suffering? The best (and we suppose only) answer we could come up with was, ‘bit by bit’, doing the best each of us can, as often as possible.


And this is exactly where Deb’s and Cait’s P.A.T THE DOG journey started...

One of the areas we feel we can make a real difference is education: community-driven outreach aimed at changing perceptions, and hopefully, curbing the number of abandoned and abused pets. So, Our mission: Encouraging responsible pet ownership, and providing communities with the information and resources they need in order to offer their pets a healthy and happy life.

With the above in mind, this enthusiastic duo - thats how we see it, anyway ;) - set forth with a plan.

KEY INITIATIVES:                                                              



Assemblies at schools in developing communities, offering age-appropriate content with the aim of encouraging learning in a fun and practical way.

These kids are the future, and no parent ever said their kid wasnt a master influencer.



 A (fictional) local story about Tsepho and Lerato, who adopt adorable Lucy from SARAC - and the adventures that ensue as Lucky Lucy grows into a beautiful adult dog.

These books are distributed to kids in the Soweto area for free (we'll add additional areas as soon as we can), and are designed to teach children about responsible pet ownership.



Hand-crafted magnets made in a variery of vibrant colours in polymer clay, sold through various outlets.

All profits (R5 from each sale) are donated to SARAC (Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre) in support of the incredible work that Jerry and the team do in Soweto and across the country.


SARAC (Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre) is committed not only to rehabilitating and re-homing  animals, but to finding a great match between each animal and their new family. They take into account the breed of the dog, the background, the temperament and personality, and try to find them the most suitable environment.

In addition to the above, Jerry (founder of SARAC) is a well-known advocate for animals in South Africa, and is frequently travelling across country in aid of abused and neglected animals. He's rescued more furrkids than anyone we know - in seriously dire straits -, when others hadnt had the influence and gumption to get such quick results. He's a force to be reckoned with.

Probably most important for our partnership is our shared vision and passion around education, which is why we couldnt be more pleased to work with both Jerry and his amazing "Jerry's Rangers" in helping as many animals as possible.

All proceeds raised as part of the P.A.T THE DOG initiative will go directly to supporting SARAC's heroic endeavors.







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